Friday, November 20, 2009

சென்னை ஆன்டி

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Hai I am Anus from chennai I today decided to share the story of my first fuck with you people. Before continuing, let me describe myself briefly. I am Chennai from tamil nadu, 28 of age, height 5'9? and a slim body. The incident I am going to share with you people, happened when I was living in chennai. It happened with my neighbour Aunty when I was only 19 or a bit more. She was our neighbour and was also wife of my father’s sponsor. Her husband married three women and was living with the youngest one those days. One day when the shops were closed, my mother said me to bring some milk from her house to prepare tea for the guests. I went to her house and asked her for milk. She pointed to her boobs and said ‘take the milk’ and started laughing. I was really shocked to hear that from her in such a straight manner. She was above 35 with a very attractive body and pinkish color. Her boobs and butts were huge. At that time her eyes were a little reddish and as I felt, she was really horny. She gave me milk and said to return after sometime without telling anyone. I knew that she was horny and looking for some stud in her lovely pussy so I gave the milk to my mother and returned to her without saying anything to someone about where was I going. She opened the door as I knocked it, and guided me straight to her bedroom. In the bedroom, she seated beside me on the bed and started talking. During the chat she suddenly placed her hand on my thigh and looked straight in my eyes. I was also waiting for that. Our eyes met and after a silent agreement, without saying any single word, we knew what both of us were desiring. She tightened her arms around me and started hugging me with her lips on mine. This made me horny too and I also responded fully. Our lips were tied to each other’s as if they were made for it and our tongues were playing. I moved my hand to her boob and started pressing it slowly and gently. Her boob was big, round and firm. After some deep kisses she removed her cloths first and then mine and said ‘do it’. The sight of her lovely body maid me out of control and I started sucking her boobs softly and enjoyed every moment of it. For me that was the best time of my life since then. My cock was growing bigger and bigger with passage of every second. My other hand was playing with her cunt. Her cunt was going to wet at that time. She raised me and said me to suck her pussy too. I first touched the soft lips of her wet and milky cunt with my lips and then started sucking them gently. After a good 15 minutes suck, she held my cock in her mouth and gave me the blow job of my life. Waves of current flown through my body. My dick was jerking and growing larger with every jerk. When it was erected to its full, (it is about 6 inches long and thick) she laid down and opened her legs wide showing her cunt and said, come on. I wasted no time and with my hands on her boobs, placed my long cock over her cunt and started pushing it in. In no time I entered the full 6? rod inside her hot and wet, waiting pussy and it was the sensation I cant explain in words. I started moving my body slowly but she said to move it fast and after a good and fast stroking for a while, I felt again an incredible current wave passing through my body. I cum inside her and she hugged me and started kissing me like if she would die without it. So it was my first fuck with a married woman and since then I’ve been trained especially by married women because of which I like married or over 30 women more than the teen girls. If any girl or woman from chennai or nearby region want to share her story or need physical contact, please don’t shy


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