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ஷோபா ஆன்டி

Shobha Aunty


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I am a great reader of kerala erotica.The stories here are very exciting and for a while I have been wanting to write about a true incident that happened in my life,but I was postponing it as i hate typing for a long time.Anyways I will explain how I lost my virginity. I was just 7 years old when my uncle(mothers brother)got married.The girl he married was a very nice person by the name Shobha (all names changed).My uncle was around 27 and Shobha aunty was around 24..She was not mind blowing material,but very tall and slender and fair.Since my uncle was working in London at that time,my aunt shobha also joined him and was living there.In a years time my aunt gave birth to a baby girl.As my uncle was in a good position there,he could afford to send my aunt and her daughter every year to India for a holiday.Whenever she used to come to India,it would be during during my summer holidays.As she used to bring down lots of things for me,i used to look forward to her coming down.I would spend my entire vacation in my mom's place as my other cousins would also come there. Shobha aunty was a very loving person and everyone used to say how lucky my uncle was to get her as his wife.As the years went by i came to know that my uncle had become a very busy person and was constantly travelling all over Europe and the other parts of the world for work.By the time my aunt already delivered her second baby by then,decided to come to India and settle down as she was feeling it difficult to manage with two children and also because of the constant travels of my uncle. As usual for every holiday I would look forward to going to my grandparents place.It was around that time that I started getting sexual fantasies and started masturbation.And surprisingly i used to masturbate thinking about older women.Once when I was spending my vacation in my grandparents place i had to go outside the house at night to collect a shirt which i had left outside.As I was collecting my shirt I heard the sound of water and i observed that it was coming from the bathroom and the light was on.The bathroom windows slightly and out of curiosity i decided to have a peek.Since it was dark i knew no one would see me.I crept near the window and peeped quietly.The sight that greeted me made me just stand still and watch.Shobha aunty was stark naked and having her bath.This was the first time i was seeing a women in the nude in real life.I observed every part of her.She had small long breasts with long nipples and dark brown in colour. I could feel my penis getting hard.I was admiring her body,it was beautiful with not an inch of unwanted fat.I watched her soap herself every part of her body,soaping her breasts,her body,her pussy,her legs.Her thighs were the perfect shape and i thought to myself how lucky my uncle was.I watched for around 10 minutes and i slowly crept back inside the house.This peeping into her bathroom continued whenever I could get the chance. One day a few more of my cousins,aunts and uncle's and aunts had come down to spend a few days there.That night Shobha aunty told me that i had to sleep in the living room with her and her 2 kids and another 2 of my cousins as she had to arrange the other bedrooms for the guests.I had no bad intentions nor did i even have anything bad in my mind when she told me this.By the time we were ready to sleep we laid out the mattresses on the floor and the sleeping was in such a way that i would be next to my aunt.As her youngest child was breats feeding her nighty's were all stitched with buttons in the front which could be unbuttoned easily.I went of to sleep immediately.At around 1.30 am i woke up all of a sudden.My aunt was sleeping very near to me.I could see her in the diim light.Her upper part of te nighty was unbuttoned and I could see her breasts,especially her nipples as she was not wearing a bra.She was fast asleep.Seeing her in that way my throat became dry and a kind of sensation overtook me.I gently touched her left nipple,there was no responce from me.This made me bolder and i gently pressed it.I felt i was in heaven.First time i was touchiing a woman so intimately.I slowly kept pressing and rubbing it.I was looking at her face while i was doing this,but there was not a bit of change in her.I wanted to kiss her lips.I moved upward and kissed her lips.I didnt know how to take my tongue inside her mouth so i kept kissing her lips.At the same time i was feeling her nipples and i slowly put my leg over her and pressed my penis on her thighs.I wanted her to touch me.I rolled off from her and took out my penis.I took her hand and made her touch my penis,it was getting very hard.It was quite small,around 5 inches i guess,but it was thick with a nice circumferance..I was using her hand and making her press my penis.At the same time i became bold and started kissing her on the lips and all over her face.As i was kissing i felt her hand press my penis without any help from me.She kept pulling my foreskin up and down on my penis.I looked at her and found she was staring into my eyes with a gentle smile.She pulled me towards her and made me open my mouth and she gently pushed her tongue inside my mouth exploring every nook and corner of my mouth.And then she did the most amazing thing.She lifted up her nighty till her neck,exposing her full breasts,her nipples,her body and legs.She wispered to me to suck her breasts.I started sucking and soon milk was coming into my mouth.I started sucking her breats like a hungry baby,sucking away.I could hear soft moans coming out from my aunty.She took my hand and was trying to make me remove her panties.I pulled it down and started feeling her bush and her pussy.Since it was my first time she guided my fingers into her wet hole.She wanted me to insert my fingers in and feel a small little thing inside her pussy and rub it.Later on she told me it was called the clit.I kept rubbing it,and she kept moaning softly.I was feeling a woman who was older than me.I kept getting more excited. Finally she took of my hand and pulled me towards her very gently so as not to wake up anyone.She deftly pulled down my shorts and took them off.I never used to wear any under wear at night,so she was immediately able to feel my small erect penis.She kept pressing it and stoking it. I was pressing her breasts, squeezing her long brown niples.Milk was coming out and i quickly started licking it up with my tongue.I was going mad with desire and lust to enjoy my aunty. At that moment my aunty just spread her legs gently and started guiding my penis inside her vagaina.She was already wet and waiting.My penis went inside smoothly.I was in 7th seaven.Filling up my aunts pussy with my young virgin dick.Instinct got the better of me and i started pumping and going in and out.In between my aunt would observe if anyone were being disturbed.My penis started going in and out of her.She started pushing her hips upwards to meet mine.I fucked her for around ten minutes and i knew i was gonna cum.I wispered to her that i was about to cum.She kept pushing her hips up and down faster to meet my thrusts.Suddenly as i was fucking her she just embraced me and just became still.I could feel water trickling out of her pussy.She had cum.I lay still for a moment and again started fucking her in and out.She started moving again,lifting her hips up fast to meet my thrusts.I started fucking her harder and faster and this time i just released my entire load into her.She also came at the same time.Kissing each other,we lay still for some time. I gently rolled of her and put on my shorts.She adjusted her nighty and wispered into my ears 'You are a nice boy,thats why i didnt object.So please dont go and tell anyone.This will be our secret,lets talk tomorrow. We just slept off after that. Next day morning i was unable to look into her eyes.All i could think of was how i fucked my uncle’s wife.Afternoon she called and told me that she was leaving to her paternal house the next day if i would like to accompany her.I jumped and said yes.I just wanted to be with her.Next day morning we started the journey to her house.Around evening we reached her house.Her parents had gone to her brothers house and would be late coming back.We took the key from the servant and opened the house.Her elder daughter was complaining she wanted to sleep and the small baby was already fast asleep.She told me'Anil why dont u have a shower,by that time i'll put my daughter to sleep'.I went in for my shower and by the time i came out i found that my aunt also had slept off after changing into her nighty.I sat down beside her and started running my fingers over her face.I touched her lips and i bend down and kissed her.She opened her eyes and wispered to me to go to the other bedroom with her. We entered the other bedroom and my aunt bolted the door from inside and looked at me and smiled.She took me by the hand and made me sit on the bed and sat with me.She told me she was very fond of me and she felt she could trust me.She told how her husband was neglecting her for the last two years but she kept hoping that he would love her.She told me many men were eying her coz she was living away from her husband.She was trying to be a good faithful housewife but how her feeling overtook her emotions that night when i touched her.She told me she felt very happy with me. We spoke for sometime and then started kissing me and putting her tongue inside my mouth.I also started kissing her mouth the way she was kissing me.While kissing me,she was unbottoning my shirt and was succesful.She took off my pant also and made me lie on the bed.She pulled down my underwear and took it off.She was touching my penis and gently pulling the foreskin down .She kept stroking me.My little penis was getting harder by evry touch of hers.She was amused at the thick circumferance of my penis.She gently started stroking my penis up and down.I just wanted to do something and get my semen out.I was getting the excitement of my life,again gently she bend down and started licking my balls and started sucking them.From my balls sge started working her tongue up my penis.Without even informing me,she started licking my mushroom and started sucking my cock.She was going up and down.It was so beautiful seeing my penis going in and out of her mouth.When she knew that i was about to loose control,she pulled her mouth away from my penis and getting up swiftly pulled off her nighty.Heavens,she was nude totally.No panty or bra.She lay on the bed beside me and told me'Anil please suck me down,where you were rubbing me the other night",She had parted her legs and was rubbing her pussy and opening it out and showing me her clit.I went down and positioned myself in such a way that i had good access to it.As per her instructions i first started licking it and tried putting my tongue deep as i could.I got hold of her clit with my lips and started sucking it.I coud sense that Shobha was going crazy.She started letting out gentle moans which started becoming louder and louder.I was not releasing her and she didnt want me to stop either..She encouraged me to go deeper and faster.Continued like that for around 10 minutes..She started making all sorts of sounds and suddenly she pulled me over her and guided my cock inside her.She had spread her legs wide and raised it to the maximum,giving me full access to her vagina.Once i entered her she started thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts.She was begging me to fuck her as fast as i could.I kept fucking her vagina in and out and in between sucking her long nipples.It came to a stage where I could control it no longer.I told her and shobha aunty was in no mood to listen,she was a like a hungry tigress thrusting into me with all her force.We kept going like that for some more time and she told me to just shoot inside her womb as she was also cumming.We came together with a big explosion.I could feel my sperm working its way up her womb.I lay down on her kissing her mouth,she was kissing me back.We lay like that for a long time,with me on top of her.After about 15 minutes i rolled of her.We embraced each other and lay down for another 15 minutes. Later on she took me to the bathroom and we had bath together. My affair with my aunt lasted for a two of years till my uncle took her back to England.By then he had become a more reformed person with a good loving nature..Though she was sad to leave me,we had to part ways.We still after all these years used to keep in touch.She would tell me that she would never ever find a guy like me,whom she could trust forever. Hope you all enjoyed my experience with my Shobha aunty. Lonely women who are unsatisfied with their husbands,ladies/girls who want to try sex with a safe guy,feel free to contact me at can meet up,get to know each other by phone and then can move on to more interesting things.I am 100% trustworthy and reliable.


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