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பூல் பெர்ரியதாக வேண்டுமா

Lubricant hands with KY Jelly, massage oil or lotion; NOT soap!!! Make the "OK" sign.
Squeeze penis shaft as close to your scrotum as possible. Pull downward.
Stop when you reach the glans (head), and immediately repeat with your other hand. Make each stroke last about three seconds.
Keep going!

Are my instructions too simple? Here's a lengthy article for you.
Pulling techniques
Dry Milking

* less sexually stimulating than wet milking
* no preparation, no cleanup

Pull outward with your thumb and forefinger without sliding your fingers over the skin. Change to the 'OK' sign when your penis becomes semi-erect. Pull the base for a while, then work on the middle of your penis shaft. You can squeeze more or pull more, depending on how tired your hand gets. Your hands will get stronger with this exercise! Try it in bed: lie on your back, bend one knee, and pull to that side.
'Uli' Stretch

The 'Uli Stretch' is a name someone gave another variation: squeeze, pull and hold.

The German's Technique ('pull-ups')

Be careful with this technique. Too much pressure can burst capillaries in your penis, resulting in small red spots on the head. Scary, but they will go away in a few days.

1. Sit in an easy-chair and lean back a little.
2. Grab your penis behind the glans (head) between your thumb and bent index finger. Stretch it as far as possible in the direction of your erection.
3. Now squeeze your PC muscles (pulling your penis toward your body; see Kegels) while stretching with your hand (note: you can also tilt your pelvis to increase the pull).
4. Hold at maximum tension for a moment.
5. Next, slowly relax PC muscles, maintaining the pull from your hand, until you have reached the fully stretched position again.
6. Repeat this exercise 20 times.
7. Now do another set of repetitions, increasing resistance so that you can only do 15 repetitions.

Perform every set to the point of total exhaustion of the muscles. Increased resistance is the key, rather than increased number of repetitions. After completing the sets, hold your penis in the starting position and stretch it as far as possible, two times, holding it stretched for a minute each time. After that do a short massage until your penis is soft and relaxed again.

Regimen: day on/day off. Do these exercises one day; do nothing the next day. You will be able to increase force over time as you get accustomed to doing the exercise.

You can experiment with variations of this - pulling in different directions, making circles as you pull, etc.

How often should I milk? It's entirely your choice. Here's one suggestion: 200-300 strokes/day at medium strength for the first week. 300-500 strokes/day at medium-full strength for the next week. 500 or more strokes/day from then on, as strong as you want. Some people suggest days off - one day a week or every other day. Use your own judgment.

What if I get an erection? Be careful with a full erection - you can apply too much pressure and hurt yourself. Squeeze the head and hold to discourage it, or simply wait until it subsides. Dry milking might work better for you if erections are a problem.

What about ejaculating? Avoid the head and frenum area (behind and below the head), since these are very stimulating. Butinevitably I find the urge to ejaculate strong, especially milking with lubricant.

What if it hurts? No penis enlargement should hurt. A good milking session may leave you comfortably sore from the stretching, but should not be painful. Milking over the head can make it quite sore. Milk just the shaft of your penis.

My penis is oddly swollen after a lot of milking - why? If you're circumcised, you may experience swelling at your circumcision scar after several hundred strokes. This 'doughnut effect' is from fluid buildup and goes away after a few hours.
How to Enlarge the Male Penis..... Increase it 2-4 inches

Author unknown. Copied from Swank Magazine; found on the web

(Oh by the way - what does a female penis look like?)

For centuries males have employed multifarious inventions and stretching methods in the ardent hope of enlarging their penises. The penis is man's most over and direct physical expression of his mental or emotional love, so it is understandable that he should feel a desire to make the very instrument of his love as large and strong as the emotions he feels. If the average man, be he ever so well-endowed already, could add an inch or two of "proud flesh" to his penis by merely snapping his fingers, the combined sound of those snapping fingers would raise a din that could be heard around the world. But for the average man to employ an actual proven method to enlarge his penis, he must first overcome the natural disinclination to admit being "average", then he must shed his inhibitions and set to work doing the singular exercise which will guarantee him a permanently larger and more sexually potent penis.

The middle-aged or older male will achieve results as swiftly and permanently as the younger male.

The average man's penis is merely a muscle (oh really?) that has never been developed; it will respond to the correct stimulus like any other comparatively unexercised skeletal muscle. An increase in penis size cannot be accomplished overnight; but from within three months to a year the average individual will be able to increase both the length and the circumference of the penis extensively. This simple exercise, if practiced five days a week, will enable a man who possesses, for example, a six-inch erect penis, to add from two to four inches to the length of his penis (measured at the top, from the tip to the pelvis) and it will grow in circumference proportionately. Little or no growth will be apparent for approximately one month; during the second or third month an increase of two or more inches will not be uncommon.

Results are permanent. The penis will become enlarged in both the flaccid and erect states. but especially in its erect state. The exercise is beneficial, not harmful; it will actually improve the health and strength of the male organ as well as increase its size.

There are individuals who have actually doubled the length of their penises after less than a year of regularly performing this exercise (such gains, however, are comparatively rare; these individuals had exceptionally small penises to begin with). One example on file is that of J. Marshall of Southgate, CA, who prior to exercising, had a penis only four and a half inches in length. After less than a year of regularly performing the "milking' exercises, he doubled its length. The exercise will greatly enhance one's vasocongestion; the penis, in it erect state, will become as hard as a length of pipe. It will become somewhat more firm in even its flaccid state and its head (glans) may actually double in size. Penis length, which is developed purely by stretching methods, will actually cause the penis to lose in circumference. Unless there is a certain amount of tumescence present, the penis, when stretched, will become long an thin like any other material object that is stretched to increase its length. Stretching is fine. And effective. But for one to increase the length of one's penis at the expense of circumference would be rather like trading a short snake for a long worm. So what we must do is perform some sort of stretching exercise while the penis is in a partially erect state. This will develop the entire penis; its length, thickness, weight, density and glans will all become proportionately enlarged. This is not an unpleasant or tiring exercise to perform. We suggest that it be performed in the bathroom and in front of a mirror.

The individual should be nude (at least from the waist down) and the temperature of the room should be on the warm side rather than cool. A bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly is required... approximately one-half a teaspoon. This is applied to the flaccid penis from the hilt to the head. Then, using only the thumb and forefinger, the penis is gently but firmly stretched downward and slightly outward, using first one hand and then the other in an alternating "milking" action. This squeezing stretching action is performed gently until a certain amount of tumescence (swelling) develops; then the milkings are performed a bit more firmly and forcibly. One must take it easy for about ten days. The milking should be performed approximately one hundred times. But gradually, within a month, one should be performing about two hundred repetitions.

The exercises are the same for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. It will be noticed that the head (or glans) becomes extremely red and that it will swell considerably. This is normal and good, and is due to the forcing of blood to that area. NOTE: Care must be taken that the exercise is not performed during hard erection. Vascular (vein) damage could result if the penis is forcibly milked in its fully erect state. A condition of from one hall to three quarters of full erection is desirable, results cannot be obtained until a partial erection is present. It will be noticed that the penis (even in its flaccid state) appears both longer and thicker after the exercise has been performed. This is a fact. And from within one to several months the penis, after exercise, will appear rather enormous; this is due to the impaction of blood in the penile tissues which the milking engenders.

After approximately one month the milkings can be performed quite vigorously, using a firmer grip on the shaft of the penis and stretching it strongly, (The connective muscles become quite strong and will not be harmed.)

It may be found for a short time that one's erections, after exercising, are not quite as firm; this is only a temporary condition (it should last no more than an hour) caused by fatigue in the erectile tissues. The man's sex life will in no way be adversely affected; on the contrary, he will discover an increase in his ability to get harder, last longer and eventually, retain his erection even after ejaculation. Care must be taken that sufficient Vaseline is used to keep the penis shaft well lubricated while performing the exercise, otherwise the rather excessive friction may burn or bruise the flesh. A slight; pelvic tenderness or soreness may be felt the first few days, but this will soon pass, and even the most vigorous milking will not cause it to return. When, after several months (or perhaps a year), the penis has reached the size the individual desires, the exercise may be performed only occasionally (perhaps once a week). By so doing the penis will remain permanently enlarged and the occasional massage will keep it well toned and in a state of super condition and health.

The milkings should be performed rather swiftly, using first one hand and then the other in a sort of rhythmic motion; after the exercise is performed the individual may grasp the penis at its base with the thumb and the first two fingers and, cupping the testicles in the other hand to protect them, slap the penis swiftly up and down from twenty five to fifty repetitions; this limbers it up after the milkings and helps to relax the connective muscles.

The growth results from this milking exercise are not unusual or mysterious... not even a miracle. It is the partial vasocongestion, along with the vigorous milking, that engenders increased penis size. Results will be obtained regardless of the individual's age, as long as partial tumescence is present when the really vigorous milkings are performed.

The exercise should be performed only once a day, five days a week. An excellent time to perform it is before taking a shower; the warm water further relaxes the connective muscles and the lubricant can then be washed from the penis. I know of no other exercise or stretching method which will both lengthen and thicken the penis.

The exercise does require persistence and patience, but the individual who truly desires to possess a larger penis will find no better way to achieve definite results.

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ஷோபா ஆன்டி

Shobha Aunty


Date Published



Author E mail

I am a great reader of kerala erotica.The stories here are very exciting and for a while I have been wanting to write about a true incident that happened in my life,but I was postponing it as i hate typing for a long time.Anyways I will explain how I lost my virginity. I was just 7 years old when my uncle(mothers brother)got married.The girl he married was a very nice person by the name Shobha (all names changed).My uncle was around 27 and Shobha aunty was around 24..She was not mind blowing material,but very tall and slender and fair.Since my uncle was working in London at that time,my aunt shobha also joined him and was living there.In a years time my aunt gave birth to a baby girl.As my uncle was in a good position there,he could afford to send my aunt and her daughter every year to India for a holiday.Whenever she used to come to India,it would be during during my summer holidays.As she used to bring down lots of things for me,i used to look forward to her coming down.I would spend my entire vacation in my mom's place as my other cousins would also come there. Shobha aunty was a very loving person and everyone used to say how lucky my uncle was to get her as his wife.As the years went by i came to know that my uncle had become a very busy person and was constantly travelling all over Europe and the other parts of the world for work.By the time my aunt already delivered her second baby by then,decided to come to India and settle down as she was feeling it difficult to manage with two children and also because of the constant travels of my uncle. As usual for every holiday I would look forward to going to my grandparents place.It was around that time that I started getting sexual fantasies and started masturbation.And surprisingly i used to masturbate thinking about older women.Once when I was spending my vacation in my grandparents place i had to go outside the house at night to collect a shirt which i had left outside.As I was collecting my shirt I heard the sound of water and i observed that it was coming from the bathroom and the light was on.The bathroom windows slightly and out of curiosity i decided to have a peek.Since it was dark i knew no one would see me.I crept near the window and peeped quietly.The sight that greeted me made me just stand still and watch.Shobha aunty was stark naked and having her bath.This was the first time i was seeing a women in the nude in real life.I observed every part of her.She had small long breasts with long nipples and dark brown in colour. I could feel my penis getting hard.I was admiring her body,it was beautiful with not an inch of unwanted fat.I watched her soap herself every part of her body,soaping her breasts,her body,her pussy,her legs.Her thighs were the perfect shape and i thought to myself how lucky my uncle was.I watched for around 10 minutes and i slowly crept back inside the house.This peeping into her bathroom continued whenever I could get the chance. One day a few more of my cousins,aunts and uncle's and aunts had come down to spend a few days there.That night Shobha aunty told me that i had to sleep in the living room with her and her 2 kids and another 2 of my cousins as she had to arrange the other bedrooms for the guests.I had no bad intentions nor did i even have anything bad in my mind when she told me this.By the time we were ready to sleep we laid out the mattresses on the floor and the sleeping was in such a way that i would be next to my aunt.As her youngest child was breats feeding her nighty's were all stitched with buttons in the front which could be unbuttoned easily.I went of to sleep immediately.At around 1.30 am i woke up all of a sudden.My aunt was sleeping very near to me.I could see her in the diim light.Her upper part of te nighty was unbuttoned and I could see her breasts,especially her nipples as she was not wearing a bra.She was fast asleep.Seeing her in that way my throat became dry and a kind of sensation overtook me.I gently touched her left nipple,there was no responce from me.This made me bolder and i gently pressed it.I felt i was in heaven.First time i was touchiing a woman so intimately.I slowly kept pressing and rubbing it.I was looking at her face while i was doing this,but there was not a bit of change in her.I wanted to kiss her lips.I moved upward and kissed her lips.I didnt know how to take my tongue inside her mouth so i kept kissing her lips.At the same time i was feeling her nipples and i slowly put my leg over her and pressed my penis on her thighs.I wanted her to touch me.I rolled off from her and took out my penis.I took her hand and made her touch my penis,it was getting very hard.It was quite small,around 5 inches i guess,but it was thick with a nice circumferance..I was using her hand and making her press my penis.At the same time i became bold and started kissing her on the lips and all over her face.As i was kissing i felt her hand press my penis without any help from me.She kept pulling my foreskin up and down on my penis.I looked at her and found she was staring into my eyes with a gentle smile.She pulled me towards her and made me open my mouth and she gently pushed her tongue inside my mouth exploring every nook and corner of my mouth.And then she did the most amazing thing.She lifted up her nighty till her neck,exposing her full breasts,her nipples,her body and legs.She wispered to me to suck her breasts.I started sucking and soon milk was coming into my mouth.I started sucking her breats like a hungry baby,sucking away.I could hear soft moans coming out from my aunty.She took my hand and was trying to make me remove her panties.I pulled it down and started feeling her bush and her pussy.Since it was my first time she guided my fingers into her wet hole.She wanted me to insert my fingers in and feel a small little thing inside her pussy and rub it.Later on she told me it was called the clit.I kept rubbing it,and she kept moaning softly.I was feeling a woman who was older than me.I kept getting more excited. Finally she took of my hand and pulled me towards her very gently so as not to wake up anyone.She deftly pulled down my shorts and took them off.I never used to wear any under wear at night,so she was immediately able to feel my small erect penis.She kept pressing it and stoking it. I was pressing her breasts, squeezing her long brown niples.Milk was coming out and i quickly started licking it up with my tongue.I was going mad with desire and lust to enjoy my aunty. At that moment my aunty just spread her legs gently and started guiding my penis inside her vagaina.She was already wet and waiting.My penis went inside smoothly.I was in 7th seaven.Filling up my aunts pussy with my young virgin dick.Instinct got the better of me and i started pumping and going in and out.In between my aunt would observe if anyone were being disturbed.My penis started going in and out of her.She started pushing her hips upwards to meet mine.I fucked her for around ten minutes and i knew i was gonna cum.I wispered to her that i was about to cum.She kept pushing her hips up and down faster to meet my thrusts.Suddenly as i was fucking her she just embraced me and just became still.I could feel water trickling out of her pussy.She had cum.I lay still for a moment and again started fucking her in and out.She started moving again,lifting her hips up fast to meet my thrusts.I started fucking her harder and faster and this time i just released my entire load into her.She also came at the same time.Kissing each other,we lay still for some time. I gently rolled of her and put on my shorts.She adjusted her nighty and wispered into my ears 'You are a nice boy,thats why i didnt object.So please dont go and tell anyone.This will be our secret,lets talk tomorrow. We just slept off after that. Next day morning i was unable to look into her eyes.All i could think of was how i fucked my uncle’s wife.Afternoon she called and told me that she was leaving to her paternal house the next day if i would like to accompany her.I jumped and said yes.I just wanted to be with her.Next day morning we started the journey to her house.Around evening we reached her house.Her parents had gone to her brothers house and would be late coming back.We took the key from the servant and opened the house.Her elder daughter was complaining she wanted to sleep and the small baby was already fast asleep.She told me'Anil why dont u have a shower,by that time i'll put my daughter to sleep'.I went in for my shower and by the time i came out i found that my aunt also had slept off after changing into her nighty.I sat down beside her and started running my fingers over her face.I touched her lips and i bend down and kissed her.She opened her eyes and wispered to me to go to the other bedroom with her. We entered the other bedroom and my aunt bolted the door from inside and looked at me and smiled.She took me by the hand and made me sit on the bed and sat with me.She told me she was very fond of me and she felt she could trust me.She told how her husband was neglecting her for the last two years but she kept hoping that he would love her.She told me many men were eying her coz she was living away from her husband.She was trying to be a good faithful housewife but how her feeling overtook her emotions that night when i touched her.She told me she felt very happy with me. We spoke for sometime and then started kissing me and putting her tongue inside my mouth.I also started kissing her mouth the way she was kissing me.While kissing me,she was unbottoning my shirt and was succesful.She took off my pant also and made me lie on the bed.She pulled down my underwear and took it off.She was touching my penis and gently pulling the foreskin down .She kept stroking me.My little penis was getting harder by evry touch of hers.She was amused at the thick circumferance of my penis.She gently started stroking my penis up and down.I just wanted to do something and get my semen out.I was getting the excitement of my life,again gently she bend down and started licking my balls and started sucking them.From my balls sge started working her tongue up my penis.Without even informing me,she started licking my mushroom and started sucking my cock.She was going up and down.It was so beautiful seeing my penis going in and out of her mouth.When she knew that i was about to loose control,she pulled her mouth away from my penis and getting up swiftly pulled off her nighty.Heavens,she was nude totally.No panty or bra.She lay on the bed beside me and told me'Anil please suck me down,where you were rubbing me the other night",She had parted her legs and was rubbing her pussy and opening it out and showing me her clit.I went down and positioned myself in such a way that i had good access to it.As per her instructions i first started licking it and tried putting my tongue deep as i could.I got hold of her clit with my lips and started sucking it.I coud sense that Shobha was going crazy.She started letting out gentle moans which started becoming louder and louder.I was not releasing her and she didnt want me to stop either..She encouraged me to go deeper and faster.Continued like that for around 10 minutes..She started making all sorts of sounds and suddenly she pulled me over her and guided my cock inside her.She had spread her legs wide and raised it to the maximum,giving me full access to her vagina.Once i entered her she started thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts.She was begging me to fuck her as fast as i could.I kept fucking her vagina in and out and in between sucking her long nipples.It came to a stage where I could control it no longer.I told her and shobha aunty was in no mood to listen,she was a like a hungry tigress thrusting into me with all her force.We kept going like that for some more time and she told me to just shoot inside her womb as she was also cumming.We came together with a big explosion.I could feel my sperm working its way up her womb.I lay down on her kissing her mouth,she was kissing me back.We lay like that for a long time,with me on top of her.After about 15 minutes i rolled of her.We embraced each other and lay down for another 15 minutes. Later on she took me to the bathroom and we had bath together. My affair with my aunt lasted for a two of years till my uncle took her back to England.By then he had become a more reformed person with a good loving nature..Though she was sad to leave me,we had to part ways.We still after all these years used to keep in touch.She would tell me that she would never ever find a guy like me,whom she could trust forever. Hope you all enjoyed my experience with my Shobha aunty. Lonely women who are unsatisfied with their husbands,ladies/girls who want to try sex with a safe guy,feel free to contact me at can meet up,get to know each other by phone and then can move on to more interesting things.I am 100% trustworthy and reliable.

ஆபீசெல் காம வெறி

Enticing Moments


Date Published



Author E mail

Hi wonderful KE readers. Good Day to All of you. I just explored KE recently for the past 6 months. Allow me to share my experience but before that I hope you get a cuppa and relax as my story is quite long. I'm Laavanya, age 37 (name changed). Im a divorcee. I divorced my husband because I wanted to give him the freedom. He left to Australia to work promising to take me along after a year of our marriage. Things became a little cranky as he kept delaying. Finally he broke the news to me that he fell in love with an Australian Indian girl there and he confessed that he is too emotionally attached to her and have already promised to marry her. Like other wives, I did not create any havoc. What's the point of fighting when the man I married has no more love for me. We agree to part peacefully. He thanked me profusely for being so understanding. He promised to help me financially whenever I needed. I bid him goodbye at the airport. Off he went. We were only married for 2 years. No kids. No commitment. There was no sign of him through phone calls or mails. He is very happy there I think. For once, I felt my future was bleak. But I had to survive. My family were very pissed with my hasty decision and called me idiot for sacrificing my life. I had no energy to defend myself. My only resort then was my education. I have a Business Ads and IT degree. I resigned my existing job in Madurai. Joined Delhi just for a breath of fresh air, with new people and especially new friends who don’t know my background. All I wished for was to be alone. I was lucky to have secured a job in one of the Multinational Company there. I did not want to stay in hostels or with big female groups. I wanted to explore my life for once and catch up on all my beautiful youth life which I have suppressed for the sake of customs, tradition, etc. I felt like a free bird. I manage to rent a small house at the outskirt of the city as I did not like to stay in rooms with family. Im an indipendent woman and sometimes my neighbours used to be puzzled as to how I could live alone. I did not reveal my background. I told them Im a widow. God Forbid but I guess that was the right thing to say at that moment of all the rough patches I went through. I did not leave any emergency contact for my family for fear that they would track me. But once in a while I would call to check if things were alright. My inlaws were totally not bothered about my whereabouts as they were too mesmerized with their new daughter in law's everflowing showers of dollars from Australia. God Bless Them! For the first month at my office, I did not communicate much with people in the office especially the women. My immediate boss Mr. Venkat is a 45 year old man from Andhra. He is a very pleasant and dynamic man with high profesionalism. He normally doesn’t talk much to me but I notice him ogling at me whenever I did not face him. Anyway, he did not make any advances at me. I only wore chudithaar to work, but mine are mostly custom made so it clings to my body showing all the curves. I'm about 165cm Tall, 60kg and Im not going to over exagerate my figure. Well, Im 36-29-37. Im not milky fair as how all the KE heroines are always fantasized. I'm of medium complexion with sharp features. But most of my colleagues find it impossible to believe Im 37 as I possess quite an attractive figure with an outstanding butt. Thanks to my religious Yoga practice every morning. Of course some married men would pass naughty or fliry! Looks at me when I walk pass to go to the washroom or to the cafetaria. And well, the women, being great critiques, are always waiting for a mishap or blunder to happen to me so that they could spend their tea time well occupied gossipping. I have decided to uphold a professional profile with them. But since they know that I'm a widow ( that’s what I told them too), they would normally give me a pathetic look. Aaaahh! Who cares. One day, I was at my boss'es File Room tracking some important files to be updated. The File Room is a small room located inside his main room and normally it is invisible from outside. I kept the door a jar but I guessed Mr Venkat was too busy on the phone and unaware that I was in the room. He walked into the room looking very gloomy with his handphone on his ears. He threw himself on the reclining chair and set the phone on Speaker mode before I could stop him. From the phone I could hear a rough female voice shouting in anger fuming all kind of embarrassing words and warning him not to switch off. I quickly clasped my ears with my hands to avoid listening. My gosh,,, its just too much to take. I did not get to see his face as he turned his chair to face the wall. I was so nervous and my legs were trembling in fear. It is totally my stupidity not to leave the File Room door opened wide or even to signal him that Im around. Anyway.. Things happened too fast and I could not avoid it. After about 10 minutes trapped in the room, I came out after making sure that he is no more on the phone. I opened the File Room door and slowly paced near his table. He was still unaware. I slowly murmured " Aheemmmm! Excuse me Mr Venkat, Im so sorry sir, I had no time to inform you I Was in the File Room. Don't worry Sir, I did not hear your conversation. But please please pardon me for intruding. I did not meant to! Only after uttering the last sentence I looked at him. I was totally shocked and startled to see him in that condition. He was looking straight at me.. And crying silently. Oh God… if there is anything more heartbreaking in this world.. It is to see a very authoritative man crying…moreso in his office infront of his employee! Again.. My feet trembled and I did not know what to do. Sir… Please cool down and relax. I quickly fecthed him a cold drink from his mini fridge. As I walked nearer to him to pass the cup, in the nick of time, he grabbed my hips, hugged me tight, burried his face on my abdomen and started to cry like a child, hugging me tight. Oh dear… that was the most difficult situation for me to handle. I had mixed feelings. At one point, I was so nervous that anyone would sneak and see us both in this situation. Another part of my entire body was jolted with his manly firm touch. Anyway at that moment, I prayed hard so that no one enters the room or else they would spin an entire new drama title out of this. I slowly held his head, like patting a crying child, pat his shoulder, gave him a consoling hugg, made him release me. I held his face with both my palms, I looked straight into his eyes. " Mr Venkat… Im sorry I don’t know what you are going through… but please Sir.. Control your emotion. This is office. It is very unpleasant for people to see you crying and hugging me like this. Im just your employee sir.". " He held both my hands. Kissed them. The moment, I felt his heavy thick moustache planting a kiss on my forehands, I shivered in pleasure but I did not show any form of emotional transaction and pretended to be poised and handled the situation professionally. I slowly released my hands from his captive and pat his shoulder. ' Take care. You can talk later! " Laavanya.. Please I need to talk to someone. Im so depressed. I think the only person whom I can trust and rely is YOU. Please don’t reject my offer Laavanya . Please! Mr Venkat was begging me. First time I heard him using such a passionate tone. " Alright, sure I will. I will do what I can to help you Sir.. But not here. " " Sure, I have an assigned you to go to our Khanpur office for a Human Resource Training. The training is on coming Thursday and Friday but I want you to stay over on Friday night. I will reach there Friday evening and I will drive you back home. Please don’t tell anyone alright. He did not wait for my reply and neither did he ask if its okay for me to see him privately. But the strange thing is instead of feeling nervous about meeting a stranger, I was actually excited and looking forward. I pretended nothing happened and went back home as usual after office. Indeed I was secretly waiting for the day to meet him. It was Monday then. Tuesday and Wednesday moved impatiently. On Wednesday evening, I took a train to Khanpur. Mr Venkat called managed to catch me at the train station. He handed me an address. " This is my house in Khanpur. I always stay there during my official trips. Don't worry. I hope you will trust me. Im seeing you there not to have fun or misuse you. I just need a soul to talk to Laavanya. Please understand me!", he pleaded. Somewhat, the solemn look in his eyes yearned for my acceptance. I smiled at him. He handed me some food and drink and left. The training sessions on Thursday went fine. The HR Manager, Mr Jeevan insist that I join him for dinner. I declined. He offered to drive me to the town to show me around. I rejected with a smile. I could see that he was trying his best compromising skills to persuade me. I don’t find it abnormal. He was the only Tamilian there surrounded by mostly Punjabi and Bengoli girls He was excited to see a lady of his own origin. I just accepted his invitation for tea, chatted on daily matters and I requested to go home early. He wanted to know where I was staying. I just lied and said I have an aunt staying in Saket. He was restless. Anyway.. None of his attempts attracted me as my mind was vigorously wondering whats in store for me with Mr Venkat. Would he have reached the house? What is he actually up to? Would he treat me well and not immediately make advances? Thousands of doubts were spiralling my mind. As a matter of fact I was ready for some sensual romance. At age 45, Mr Venkat had a real stout appearance. He is dark but has a very charming set of eyes that can melt any soul. His well trimmed beard and thick moustache did turn me on the last time he kissed my hand. He is about 5 inch taller than me. Good height. And of course, I m yearning for him to hold me, waiting for his muscled arms to coop me in one swing of a hug. " Mem saab, ! " The auto driver has already reached the destination. He looked puzzled as the house is quite secluded from the rest. I got down with my suitcase. Looked at the address. Yes, house number 203. There was a car parked at the porch. I was elated. The thought that Mr Venkat is already home made me feel secured. I took a slow pace. Every step of mine seemed weaker. My hands trembled, struggling to hold my luggage. I suddenly felt a cold strike in my nerves. I knocked the door. Mr Venkat opened it. He looked absolutely charming in his Opal Green Kurtha and black pants. He smiled cheerfully and said." Laavanya, at last you are here for me!' He held my left hand and gracefully pulled me in. I smiled coyfully. Still nervous. He looked me straight into my eyes and said" Why are your hands so cold Laavanya? Are you scared or nervous? Alright I understand. This is the first time for you being so casual with me. Its okay Laavanya. There is ample time for us to get to know each other. Come, you look tired. Go and refresh yourself. I have bought dinner for both of us. Okay Sir, " I replied. " Please Laavanya. Just call me Venkat. " " I will try ! I obliged. " The house looked simple yet elegant. There wasn’t much décor. But I was totally taken aback with the lucsious wooden finishing of the bedroom. I looked at him. I guessed he understood my doubt. " I built this house with a very strong believe that someday Im going to retire peacefully and live with a partner of my choice. ! Go on. Don’t waste time. Get ready for dinner. " He rushed me. I enjoyed a nice warm bath and decided to dress myself in my favorite marron saree. It drapes immaculately to my body, revealing my deep curvacious hip and outstanding back. I just applied some lipstick, let my hair loose with an enchanting hair spray and a very earthy splash of cologne on my neck and cleavage. As I walked towards the dining room, I saw Venkat in the kitchen preparing the cutleries. From behind, his muscular body and the position he was standing with his arms raised above the cabinet turned me on. I boldly walked near him. " Let me help you …. Venkatt! I stressed his name. He was astonished to see me in that exotic transparent saree because I normally never let me shoulder length hair loose. For a minute, his eyes were glued to my boobs. The transparent saree which I let loose to my arms revealed quite a generous portion of my low neck blouse. In the dim orange light, my brownish skin was glowing. I could sense he was a little attracted to my perfume. “ Mmmm, it’s a real treat to see you like this here! You look gorgeous Laavanya. “ I smiled and said “ You look dashing Venkat.! “ Mmmm, let us start dinner. I helped him to carry the plates and dishes to the dining table. He walked behind me admiring my poised gentle feminine walk. I knew he is watching me from behind. Back from college days, I am well known for turning heads due to my very feminine cat walking style. “ I asked Venkat to sit down and served him first. Asking him politely if he wants this or that. I sat beside him on his right, very close to him. Actually I was very hungry. I knew it is very rude but I started eating without realizing that he haven’t had even a scoop of the food. He kept looking at me? “ Venkat, why aren’t you eating.? ” I asked passionately. “ Laavanya, for the first time after 10 years I have a soul who served dinner on my plate.” His voice sounded husky and I realized he was too emotional. “ Hey Venkat.. That’s why Im here dear… to share your agony. Come here.. Lets finish eating first.!” I stood up, took the food from his plate and started to feed him. Tears started rolling from his eyes as he could not control his emotions. “ Venkat my dear .. Don’t cry daa! I started to sound very loving with him. I combed his hair with my left hand fingers, clutched his head to my chest… planted a kiss on his forehead. He felt so pacified! We both finished eating. I told him to wash his hands and I cleared the table and washed the dishes. As I was washing the dishes.. My mind was busy roaming for all the logicality behind this relationship. “ What am I doing? Where is this going to take us? … then the very next moment my heart consoled my brain… Its Alright……its destiny. If God has sent me to this man to show all the empathy and unconditional love.. Well let it be. After all, let me do something useful to uplift any single soul on this earth before I die! After all, Love is not a Nuclear Weapon. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand draping my waist. I quickly dropped the utensils I was washing. His warm breath and the his musk cologne triggered my hormones. I felt hot flush of blood traveling vigorously to my sensitive parts. I dropped my body against him and held his neck with my right hand. “ Laavanya… I don’t know what to say either. But right now at this moment.. I truly feel being loved and I see you as my wife.. My loving wife. Please Laavanya. Please be my wife for this two days . I will never forget this moment till I die. Please shower me with all your love. I adore you. I started falling for you after a week observing you. I need you as my soul partner Laavanya! He turned me and hugged me tight. I too hugged him with all my passion. I can sense that he is genuine by the tight grip of his hands and the way he handled me so softly. He planted a deep kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes…. Wanting it more. I truly enjoyed his passionate way of kissing and darting his tongue deep. Oh how I love to be touched and kissed like this. My body was burning in heat to enjoy this moment. Left untouched for almost a year.. I just couldn’t control my lust. He slowly relieved himself. Held my hips and gracefully walked me to the couch. I made him a glass of milk. I sat on the edge of the couch and made him lie on my lap. He did. I slowly massaged his head. He told me his entire personal background. Married to a typical Andhra lady, his life was in terrible doldrums. Soon after his son was born, about 10 years back, his business went bankrupt and his wife almost left him. His father in law offered to help him financially and that was when his wife took control of his life. She started dictating terms for him as he took a very long time to revive his business. She started humiliating him and embarrassing him in front of her family and that has almost become a routine. Though things are settled now, his wife’s rumble hasn’t stopped as she is from a wealthy family and she is really pressuring him to earn millions like her other brothers and brother in laws who are all wealthy businessman. They are all business tycoons and part of their next generation have already moved to USA and Canada. Recently, his wife’s niece got married in London and Venkat wasn’t able to put up to his wife’s demand to buy diamond necklace for her niece. She furiously fight with him over the phone and left to London with the help of her brothers. She is yet to return. Its almost a month. Venkat’s only son is studying in a matriculation in Hyderabad. “ This house belongs to my best friend. He was a bachelor. He is the only one who knows my background. He was fighting with cancer. He called me up to continue the payment for this house and transfer the ownership to my name. He passed away 3 years ago. My wife is not aware of this house. Im keeping it secretly with a very strong hope I would meet someone special someday! “ My in laws don’t antagonize me but at the same time they pretend as if I don’t exist. Its all because of my wife. She has totally tarnished my dignity. Although my income is good now, she is never satisfied. For the past 5 years, when I go home. There is not even a soul to welcome me, offer me tea or serve me dinner. I sleep alone, eat alone and whenever I need anything, the servant does in for me. My wife doesn’t communicate with me unless it is really necessary. All my chores are done by my servant. Its good that my son is not with us. Otherwise I don’t know how to explain to him about the coldness in our relationship. If I wish, I could always get a woman to satisfy myself. I wont deny that I hadn’t had any. But that is not enough for me. I need someone to care for me. Show me affection. Love me and for once respect me as a man!” He burried his face deeper under my breast. Then looked up at me , lifting my face with his right palm, he said …Laavanya, for the past 2 years…. I have been yearning for a soulmate to care for me at old age.. When I saw you, My heart told me that you are the ONE! “ Please Laavanya.. Im not saying this for fun. Im not young. Neither are you! Please accept my offer. I know you too don’t have anyone. Why would you want to spend your old age alone. Why not shower all your passion and love for this man? He gazed passionately into my eyes. I kissed his forehead. “ Venkat… I leave it to God. I hope I am not making the wrong decision.! He woke up, pulled me up, held my hands and promised “ Laavanya…. You are a loving woman. You are so motherly. I need you. I promise I will always protect you. I swear upon my mother! He hugged me tight and kissed me all over my neck. His thick moustache and the roughness of his beard totally turned me on. I was so hot and horny. While kissing, he removed my saree pally and started roaming his lips all over my cleavage, and softly biting my nipples. I let out a soft moan. I hugged him tight. I guessed he understood my body language. He removed my saree and carried me to the bedroom. My God ! I gasped. This man is really stout and strong. He carried me to his beautiful room and lay me on his bed romantically. He turned the dim light, AC, latched the room door. He removed his Kurtha and pants. I was shy to see him seminude. He is very hairy . I love men with a lot of hair on the chest. He pulled my hand and took me to the dressing table to face the mirror. He made me stand in front of the mirror. He stood behind me, inserted his hands from my side, started pressing my boobs. I leaned on him, closed my eyes. He noticed the strong expression of my face through the mirror. He planted soft kisses on my neck. It’s the most sensitive area in my body. I moaned again , clasping his manhood from behind my back. He was so hard and big too. He slowly unhooked my saree blouse and skirt. Leaving me in two piece. In the glowing dim red light… he was so horny to see my curvacious body. He bit all over my shoulder, back and slowly darted his mouth to the front part of my pussy. I was already wet. He truly turned me on with his passionate love bites in my love valley. He stood up, went behind me and removed my lacy red bra. He was mesmerized with my firm but big breasts with sharp nipples. He fondled and mauled my breasts making me moan like crazy. Then came the most sensational moment. He knelt down, lifted my right let and placed it on the coffee table, slowly he licked my pussy. I kept it shaved with minimal hairline. My entire body shuddered in pleasure. I just could not keep myself balanced. He knew that. He carried me to the bed. He spread his body on me and arted to lick my entire body. He roamed his hungry mouth vigorously into my pussy, I let out the loudest moan when he finally slurped my juice as I kept squirting. He slowed down. It was my turn. I feasted on him romantically exploring his entire big and tough body. He gently massaged my back and played his finger on my love valley as I spend my time exploring his ‘Big Man’. I had an idea. I scanned around the room and saw a fruit basket. “ Just a second Venkat”! In seconds, I came back with a bunch of grapes. I smashed the grapes on his abdomen covering all over his cock. I slowly licked the juice and the sweet taste of the grapes made me suck him deeper and vigorously in a rhythmic mode. On and off, I licked his balls, and ran my tongue up and down his roots. He was totally in heaven. I leaned over him to suck his nipples, and as I came back to the original position.. He was so hard and he pulled me… I can’t stand it anymore Laavanya.. Don’t waste it. I want to cum inside you. He made me stand in doggy position, facing the mirror. Slowly he penetrated my already very slippery valley. As he inserted his cock, he saw the pleasure in my face as I was biting my lips and moaning. He rocked me gently first to make me comfortable. I was getting too heated up.. And I wanted him to fuck me harder. I rammed my butt onto his dick. He understood my needs and started nailing me hard. On the mirror, he enjoyed seeing my breasts jiggling and the sound of my endless moan filled the room. After the session was over, I woke up. Refreshed myself . Wore a sexy lingerie and made him a cold drink. Then we talked and I was massaging his feet. He was very touched. As it was almost 12 midnight. I was tired . We slept . When I woke in the morning, I realize that he slept the entire night clutching me closely to him. The smell of Venkat’s breath was soothing to me. I felt a sense of protection and security to fell his mastiff body enveloping me. I have made up my mind. I don’t mind if he doesn’t marry me. But I wish to spend the rest of my life with him like this. I slowly freed myself from him. Had my shower. Got dressed for the training. Fixed him a very light breakfast. I woke him. When he opened his eyes… his face was sparkling with happiness. “ Wake up darling… I have to go for the training. I made you breakfast dear. Mmm come on daa . Be a good boy and wake up.” I patted his back like waking up a nursery going child. I could see that he loved being pampered like that. I walked to the kitchen to make coffee. I could hear footsteps. I knew he is slowly pacing towards me. He hugged me from behind and inhaled the jasmine on my head deeply. I turned and kissed and hugged him. He was emotionally very elated to see my bright face with bindi and vibhuti. The aroma of incense stick vapourating from the altar further soothed his heart. “ Laavanya… he whispered passionately… I have found the soulmate of my life. I really really thank God.! I pulled him to the living room coffee table. Made him sit on the sofa , served him breakfast and said..Be a good boy till I return this evening okay daa! “He shook his head like a school boy obeying to his Miss. My heart also really yearns to spend another beautiful evening with him. But how many evening can I spend with him like this.? Is this going to be a one night stand? I was very worried that this beautiful relationship that I found very late in my life will end abruptly. But God still loved me. Venkat arrange for me to be transferred to Khanpur branch. He traveled once a week for a year. 2 years later, then his wife demanded for a divorce as she wanted to settle down in USA with her entire clan. Venkat happily granted her the divorce. His son had learned to accept the fact. He visits his father once a while as he too had obtained Green Card to work in the States. It has been 3 years since Venkat and I live a peaceful harmonious life under a roof. He married me. We decided not to have any kids coz I have the most committed duty of taking care of one adorable child… Venkat. As days pass by he had become more childish and never spent a day without me. I m so happy and thank the GOD for finally granting me a peaceful life with a very loving and passionate husband. Nevertheless, our sex life never faded. We enjoyed sex in all the parts of the house. Sometimes, even naughtily sneaking outside the garden on rainy days. I never knew that elderly men have such great sexual appetite. Once we were driving home from a late nite dinner, and he finger fucked me while driving. It was the most craziest thing we did. Whenever we traveled far, we would opt for 1st class train coach on midnights. Ohh, how I love to be relished by Venkat! I hope to get comments from you all. Thank You Laavanya (Mail to :